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Manual Pit Stop [Melbourne] Abandoned

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This mod is dead and abandoned but it's free to use as an example and create it for other circuits or/and F1 2015 for anyone wanting to do so.

Content of the Mod (two variants)
  1. Manual
    This mod variant allows the player the maximum manual driving into a pit stop and out of it. (in training, qualifying and race).
    When having a Drive-Trough-Penalty, you need to drive through the yellow pit zone of your box for the game to recognize your action.

    The game needs to realign the position of the car for the pit stop to work correctly. Thus when the player enters the yellow pit stop zone, the car will be flipped 180° and flipped again to stand in the correct spot.
    The pit stop and the drive-out-of-the-yellow-zone are hardcoded sequences, loaded in hardcoded plugins by the game and as such not possible to mod for me.

    [read the information at youtube to know about the shown situation]

    - Manual Pit Stop

    - Manual Pit Stop [Manual Before Teammate]

    - Manual Pit Stop [Manual Behind Teammate]

    - Manual Pit Stop [Manual Late Behind Teammate]

    - Manual Drive-Through-Penalty [Manual]

  2. Smooth
    This mod variant allows the player a smooth manual driving into the pit lane and near the box without the flipping issue that comes with the manual variant. (in training, qualifying and race).
    When having a Drive-Trough-Penalty, you simply need to drive through the pit lane, the trigger will be activated near your box automatically.
    The player is able to move freely in the pit lane but will be forced into the box when arriving just before it.

    [read the information at youtube to know about the shown situation]

    - Manual Stop [Smooth]

    - Manual Pit Stop [Smooth Behind Teammate]

    - Manual Drive-Through-Penalty [Smooth]
    [outdated] You cannot leave the pit lane manually
    since v 0.12 due to zone limitations

Just copy the content of either folder 1 or 2 into

Drive:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\

Copy the F1 2014 folder and overwrite existing files.


This early stage of the mod includes only edited files for Melbourne circuit. I am waiting for feedback (positive as negative) and (hopefully no) bugreports before continuing for other circuits (as it takes several days just to create and test it for one circuit).

For people using my highLOD mod, you can download v 1.2 of highLOD mod and replace the raceload.jpk from Manual Pit Stop mod with the one from highLOD mod.

Known Bugs

  1. As the game was never meant to be able to drive manually in the pit lane, there is no penalty for speeding.


    If you drive too fast into the pit lane (there is a sign at the entrance that shows the maximum allowed speed in the pit lane) you may not trigger the pit stop or box return.

  2. Due to space limitations at some tracks (like Melbourne), going manually back to the garage in training/quali as the 1st driver of the team (the one which has the garage close to the pit-stop-exit) will bug/stuck the camera view that is active when being pushed back to the garage.

    Either use game menu > session options > go to garage or change to a different camera when returning manually to the box.
    This bug does not(!) occur as 2nd driver and not in races!

Latest updates

  1. fixed bug where the AI did not get different tyre types after pit stop

    All LimiterOff-zones have been reworked. Solved Bug: AI did not get different tyre types after...

Latest reviews

Fantastic work!!!! would be cool to have all tracks....
Nice work :) Since now I know that you released this mod :v
Would love this on other tracks, this mod is great! :D
Of couse i know this is a hard work, but needs a lot of improvements before a full release, i call this mod a "beta" xD
Like what? Pal the game has its restrictions, I can't create things the game won't let me. Same like having mirrored textures.
The mentioned bugs can't be changed.
If you find teams where drive-in or out is not yet manual, let me know, else keep your review for yourself.
wow excellent! This mod delete also the limitation of speed whe you go out of track? (sorry for my english, I'm Italian)
You are genius pretty well god work
Wait for all track
Excellent :)
Man, you just gave me the reason to login into my RD account again. :D
I think you did the best job you could do with the limitations given by Codemasters. Looking forward to see this mod running on other tracks!
Awesome feature for the game. Thank you very much. Shame the flip issue cannot be solved but still you easily deserved the 5 stars
OH MY GOD! MAAAAN Genius! Can you do it for all tracks though? :O
I can but it takes much much time, so I'll wait how this mod runs and if there are bug reports I didn't notice.
But yes, the whole project was intended to do it for all tracks (that's why now it is v 0.1, when finished for all it's v 1.0 ;))

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