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More immersive pits mod 1.01

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Have you also felt that the pits in Assetto Corsa were pretty dead with only the lollipop guys standing there?

I present you my little mod that adds more of the crew guys into the pitlane:




Umberto was right it kinda adds more to the pit shots as well :)




Yes they might be a bit big.

And this is what you'll see in showroom:

You can skin them just by skinning the vanilla pit crew as they're using the same model.

Note: Don't expect anything fancy, this mod is just copy & pasting the pitcrewtyre.kn5 model into the pitcrew.kn5, it doesn't have any animations and might look a bit repititive but it was very difficult to figure out and get through complications, at least now we know how to improve the pits. Maybe if I can get deeper into Blender I'll include some other poses and if everything goes well even animations! If you have any suggestions, maybe adding more pit guys here and there, write in the discussion tab.
Unfortunately I can't do anything if the guys are floating a bit on specific tracks that have a bit of elevation change and not completely flat, the pitcrew.kn5 does not have collision they're just placed as if it was on the ground.

1. Make a backup of pitcrew.kn5 found in "X:"\Steam\steamapps\common\assettocorsa\content\objects3D Folder (if you want to change the default pticrew back later on)
2. Paste the content of the downloaded .zip into "X:"\Steam\steamapps\common\assettocorsa\
Overwrite the files.

Credits: Kunos, TheNuvolari

Latest updates

  1. Animation on its way but I need help

    Hello my friends, work is going really well to bring you the next update featuring animated crew...
  2. Fixed folder structure

    Arrrgh... always missing a character in the folder names... renamed object3D to objects3D so...

Latest reviews

Great mod, works well! Maybe you could add the crew for counter-clockwise circuits. I think its a seperate file (crew_left or something).
I want to love this mod more and it works brilliantly for crew suits made without crew brands but not so well for the many skins that do.

I'll offer a possible solution in the discussion.
An essential mod. Must have.
Love this mod!
Keep going down this path, I like where this is headed!
This mod has quickly become one of the must have around here, it's so "little" yet so much at the same time. Can I have a teeny tiny suggestion ? Making a version where the "crew guys" stand all along the same "line" than the lolipop guy, or at least closest possible to that line, because on many tracks they just end up going through walls and stuff. Supposedly, alongside the lollypop one shouldn't cause much trouble, has it is close to where you're suppose to park. I dunno if it is do-able without much effort, but that could be a good "alternative version"
I'm glad you like it and I feel too that this adds much to the empty pits. I placed the pit crew just a few meter from the car to avoid them clipping through the actual pit crew that only appears when changing tires, unfortunately Assetto Corsa wasn't implemented to have a permanent crew. Some tracks might have weird positions of the crew because the track has uneven terrain, hill in the pits or the author thought to place the pitting position very close to the wall so these can happen occasionally. Only way to fix this is editing the pit positions in a 3D editing software, but that results in replacing the already existing .kn5 of the track and I don't want to reupload other's work.
Great mod! Is it possible to scale the crew as they’re a bit big compared to lollipop guy?
Yes, if I can ever get around the animation error I will scale them unless ksEditor manages to mess up the rigged models
Here, the dolls do not appear...
Set world details to maximum and untick hide crew in practice and track day mode in Track adjustments tab of CM
Or if you downloaded the first version the folder structures weren't correct, place the files into objects3D instead of object3d
Very cool!

Great job thank you!
Looks good, is there a way to get the crew to stand along the pit wall on tracks going counter clockwise? They are standing out in pit lane at Daytona.
Otherwise cool.
That's because the modded track placed the location of the crew there. I just modified the .kn5 itself, this is why I said that there might be floating crew and such, if I wanted to fix this I would have to modify every modded track.
Perfect addition for more imersion, As a small details fanatic really appreciate your work.
Thank you, can't wait to bring the animation update (if I can solve it)!
Thanks for this nice box setting, unfortunately I installed it as written but I don't see anything at all , is there any CM parameter to set?
Thanks for anyone who can help me.
Set world details to maximum and untick hide crew in practice and track day mode in Track adjustments tab of CM
Or if you downloaded the first version the folder structures weren't correct, place the files into objects3D instead of object3d
Top notch
it looks good but in game I dont see the crew, how to fix?
Set world details to maximum and untick hide crew in practice and track day mode in Track adjustments tab of CM
Excellent mod, Pits look more realistic with a bigger crew for each car, thanks!
I'm glad you like it :)
loving it!!!!!!
Didn't test it yet so, but I wanted to say thank you and what a great idea ! How on earth didn't we get this idea much much sooner ? ;-)
I know right? With all the talented modders who keep making the game impressively immersive no one tried tinkering with the empty pits, well at least I could have the chance to make it myself :)
Great idea! Thank you very much!
You're welcome!

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