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Racing AI for High Force track 1.1

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This is the racing AI for High Force track. pit lane for AI also included. Starting grid updated so that 30 cars can start together. When racing, choose the "Hotel" layout

Due to the narrowness of the track, I only tested 1923 and modified 1937 gp cars, and they can overtake. 67 and 75 F1 cars are too wide to race.

AI 1937 cars seem to have pit strategy fuel load problem. they only take fuel for 1 lap, and pit at the end of each lap. so you may want to turn off fuel consumption when racing with those cars. no problem with 1923 cars. so this is not a problem with this AI update. either it's AC's bug or a bug of my physics update for 1937 gp cars.

surfaces.ini removes dirt effect for leaves and track edge etc. if you want to keep the original dirt effect, don't overwrite.

Currently there's no track side camera. I certainly hope some one can make one (not for camtool) or you can wait for me to make one in the future as currently I'm also busy making tracks for Geoff Crammond's GP3

delete all files in the <assetto corsa folder>\content\tracks\highforce\high_force\ai folder and unzip files to <assettocorsa folder>\content\tracks

Latest updates

  1. tighter starting grid

    as the author of the high force track didn't reply, I have to learn to mess with kn5 files...

Latest reviews

Sadly the file prevents the option to race with anyone using the original Highforce track. So it would be better to create a separate track with this tighter grid for racing. The AI and the tighter grid work fine
Since the update, the distance between the vehicles is only a few meters. Now races with a full field of drivers are possible.
The AI is mostly fine:
During an test race with '67s F1 cars against the AI (100%) there was a major pileup. In contrast, the AI handled the McLaren P1 without any problems (vMax during the race: 287 km/h!!!).
Now, this track competes with the Nordschleife for the designation "Green Hell".
I tested 67 cars they crash roughly 3km after start this is because 1967 cars have no downforce, and compared to 1923 and 1937 cars, 67 cars have good cornering speed, so they easily take off from bumps and crash. it will be fixed in the next version
Very good work!
I let the AI (with the autopilot) drive a test race : 5x Mclaren P1 (Kunos), AI strength 100%.
The AI is brutally fast (vMax 304km/h).

Only one thing bothers me: The cars start with a distance of almost 900m!? A driver field with 12 cars is about 10km long! So if you don't start on pole position you have almost no chance. Is that normal at High Force?
The problem with the starting grid also bothers me, but in AC the starting grid is not part of the AI spline. for high force, it's stored in a separate small kn5 file, I have written to Brun (creator of high force) asking him to create a tighter starting grid for racing. as Brun is not very active these days, and according to his past posts, he even wanted to get rid of the starting grid, I may have to learn how to fix this problem myself.

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