Repco Raceway

Repco Raceway 1.1

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Fictional circuit in Australia.
Converted from rFactor2.

-CSP recommended
-28 pit/start
-AI, cam

Credits & Thanks;
Eren Tuzci ( @erenschumacher ), the author of the rFactor2 version and Thank you for giving me permission, AI, cam

AC Converted by @shin956
logo.png by @Fanapryde
some textures by kunos
Test and Feedback by @rmi_wood , @Mascot , @twobegreen , @breathe_reprise

rFactor2 version (steam workshop);


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Latest updates

  1. v1.1 update

    v1.1 changelog; Replaced by Eren Tuzci with new objects. The tree was redone. Groove/skidmark...

Latest reviews

thank you,hope more great tracks from rFactor 2 please.
Lovely litte racetrack! Tested it with super tourers and had a blast!
Fantastic ! Brilliant little track, great for some close door handle to door handle touring car action, cheers !!!!
This track is top (as almost all your mods), but if you would add old bumps/fences/walls... so that the track doesn't seem newly built, the immersion would be epic
Sure like all the RF2 conversions. Thanks to all the guys that do them.
Once again high quality work.
The surface and the track are very good with four replay cams.
Thank you ;)

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5.00 star(s) 7 ratings

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