Reversed Grid Order F1 [Modular Mods]

Reversed Grid Order F1 [Modular Mods] 1.0

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This mod reverses the starting grid order for a race. So if you qualify as 1st, you will start last. 1-22 will end up 22-1. (People requested it again.)

This mod is part of [Modular Mods] and has Modular Mods - Base Files as required mod to be existing or installed in the main F1 22 folder.​

  1. Copy tracks_reverse_grid_f1.erp to F1 22\_MODULAR_MODS\_ACTIVE\.
    If you do not have that folder, check the requirements first.

Simply move the copied files from ...\_ACTIVE\ up to F1 22\_MODULAR_MODS\ or delete it.​

  • This mod is based on the modular system and will not function without the base files.
  • Other than that it is standalone and will not conflict with any original file.
  • It is recommended to use this mod with disabled formation lap. If you do, though, the game still forces the 1st positioned (but last in grid) to start the formation lap.
  • If any A.I. driver will block or touch another car it will be DSQed.
  • Immersive formation lap is kind of possible, if you carefully drive slowly around the pack as it is possible to overtake this year.
  • But I do absolutely not recommend to use broadcast formation lap!
  • If you encounter any further bugs (beside the first row being empty on 20 grid races), let me know at the support/discussion tab instead of the rating/review. Also always tell me, at which circuit the problem occurs.

Latest reviews

thank you so much man !! <3 much love, was rocking the one from 2021, nice to get an update to such a beloved mod. much love.
you literally posted the mod after a couple of hours of me requesting it, you're a legend bro, great mods I love them !
tested a bit so far no glitches
Appreciate it. Thanks mate, enjoy!

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