RSS LMGT Nisumo R39 V8 | Calsonic IMPUL #23 Le Mans 1998 [Fictional]

RSS LMGT Nisumo R39 V8 | Calsonic IMPUL #23 Le Mans 1998 [Fictional] 1.2

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1998 Le Mans Calsonic IMPUL Fictional skin for the RSS LMGT Nisumo R39 V8

Required: RSS Classic Endurance Pack 1

Here's my fictional skin for the R390, the #23 Nissan Motorsport (basically the classic Calsonic IMPUL colours). The skin is based as if it was entered in the 1998 Le Mans 24 Hours and unfortunately the #12 that the Calsonic cars run was in used so went with #23.

It's just not right to have a fast Nissan racecar and not deck it in the legendary Calsonic colours. I chose Tetsuya Tanaka, Keiichi Suzuki Masahiro Hasemi and Hideo Fukuyama as they didn't do Le Mans that year but all raced Nissans in the 1998 JGTC season. As you can tell it mostly using my JOMO skin as a base.

Big props to Marco for letting me use his Bridgestone tyres and interior logos. Make sure to download his high quality 1998 Nissan Motorsport pack here




Feedback welcome :) enjoy!

Big thanks to:
The Team at Race Sim Studio for producing another amazing pack
Marco17_ok for Bridgestone tyres, interior logos, feedback and skinning tutorial
withdrew for his Le Mans 1999 Category/Class Stickers
The RSS Discord & Nate's Melon Mates Discord

Uploaded only to Race Department, do not reupload without permission.

Latest updates

  1. Paint update

    Sorry for another update guys Completely forgot I can use CM's Paintshop to do the base colour...
  2. Minor Tweaks & Fixes

    Added White Mirrors Switched Keiichi Suzuki for Masahiro Hasemi (Suzuki drove Toyota in 98 JGTC)...

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Thank you
Looks awesome!

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