Special Stage Route 5 Beta

Special Stage Route 5 Beta 0.4

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This is made from scratch recreation of the Special Stage Route 5 from Gran Turismo series. I have spent quite a number of hours on this project but it still does need quite a few more hours put in to make 100% perfect.

However the vast majority of the work has been done and the track is ready to be raced on and tested by the community to help me figure out quicker any number of bugs or irregularities that I may have missed while I was testing.

Here's a current list of features
Day and Night Version
Streetlamps work at night
Provisions for 36 cars at the same time
36 pit and grid starts
Clubman and Main layout
Normal and Reverse version for Both layouts

What is up next
Add lighting to certain boards around the track and overhead signs
Flashing Lights at parts of the track
Audience in the grandstands

Enjoy the screenshots from the racetrack











Latest updates

  1. Major Update. New Content, Major Overhaul.

    It's been almost a year since I released Special Stage Route 5 as my very first introduction to...
  2. Special Stage Route 5 v0.3

    Hello everyone I have been hard at work doing two projects at the same time, I'll be posting...
  3. Special Stage Route 5 V0.2

    Main aspects of v0.2 - Changes to the width of the tracks as well as elevation changes to bring...

Latest reviews

I am looking forward to the optimization, my fps are in pain. I love the work you are doing, thank you.
Great Touring car track.
Cool track that brings good memories!

I know it's a beta, but I will dare to say (sorry for this, I know it's a lot of work and I appreciate it) that the only things that lacks to achieve 5 stars of perfection are a little more optimization (pretty hard mod on fps, at least on my pc) and a physical road mesh; the asphalt feels smooth as a baby's bottom, contrary to what a street circuit usually is...
Hi Thank you for your rating.
All of the optimization are going to come before the final release of the track alongside the physical road mesh. I might be tweaking elevation and road here and there based on feedback received from the testers.
Why not cams on replay mode?? This mod is a great job even in Beta mode, Please cam on replay.
I believe there is already a cam tool made for an older version of the track that was posted in the discussions, but should work with this version as well.

Much improved in the recent update, a lot more visually appealing!
Thank you so much, I hope to carry on improving it.
Love it. Looking forward to future updates/refinements.
C'est à mon sens la plus belle version proposée. Dommage que les voitures ne démarrent pas des pits : cela gâche ce magnifique tracé.
in its early state this is pretty good. Could do with more accurate track elevations and width, better textures and shaders, and some improvements on the AI. Worth a try
For the most part it's great all around, however the striped runoff invalidates your lap when it never did in the GT games? Also in the older version the wall on the right hand side coming out of the pair of s curves was too close. Now it's gone and the wall that divides the full and clubman versions is gone so you can hit it (quite easily in a racing line) and clip out of the map.
Very nice !! the lights of the 1st tunnel can be better and other fix , very good idea , we would have other city track of gt 4 and why not add rally tracks of gt 3 and 4 too .
I'm quite torn between what track to add next between Honk Kong, Paris or Trial Mountain. So there is definitely more on the horizon once I finish this track
After updating to v0.3, I can use it from the content manager, but I get an error and cannot use it with AC.
”ERRORS with content: special_stage_route_5, special_stage_route_5, view log for details"
That’s an interesting error. If possible could you send me the log file.
Nice track. Your AI problems can be fixed with some new sidelines (use AI-line-helper-app). And please fill in the infos in ui_track.json (author, version, ...) so we can keep track of your updates.
I love the idea of converting GT circuits. Please keep working on this track.
Why would someone create something that cool and not include a map?
A map is for future updates. I'm much more focused on making sure the track drives good and doesn't have visual glitches
After modding Mid-Field Raceway from scratch, I know what you've been through :D
It feels really nostalgic already, but there's still some work to do I guess. Some clipping models, crashing AI and a missing map, but nevertheless really fun already especially with retro GT500 cars! Keep up the good work.
I have CFG Installed and I still get : TRACK NOT FOUND
The track requires CSP version 1.74 or higher
Nice looking track, I am missing tunnel reverb sound in the tunnels :)
Very nice. Please keep working on this track.
I pretty much started out with Gran Turismo back in the PS1 days so I clocked many hours on SSR5 during the years. Always loved that track and your mod immediately felt familiar to me. All the corners seem accurate, so is the track width and the elevation changes, excellent job on that front. I was able to instantly pick up again where I left off all these years ago. So nice to be able to take any car out there in VR, first time I feel I'm actually physically there where I spend countless hours behind an 4:3 Television in my room at my parents house :D. Please do Grand Valley Speedway!
Not bad at all! Especially for a beta! Some of the elevation is way off, and the night lighting could be better, the track is still fairly dark, and for me at least, half of the grid crashes into the pit wall at the start, but this track is very nice to drive, after the start the AI are fun, and it looks great! It feels like a hybrid between what SSR5 looked like in GT2/3 and in GT5, a great balance of classic and new. I think with some work this can be a really good track! Definitely recommend giving it a try. It was one of my favorite tracks in Gran Turismo, and the magic is still there.
Glad to hear you enjoy the track and thank you for the feedback I'll definitely try and nail down every detail of the track.

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