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Updated physics for bazza's F1 1975 mod 1.0

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Major changes:
1. Increased grip and slightly increased engine power, car weight also adjusted, so that AI at 100% can make realistic lap times
2. Adjusted gear ratios so that AI can reach proper speed on the straight (300+ on Monza front straight)
3. Reduced engine volumn for some cars (requires CSP)
4. Reduced steering ratio for some cars (Ferrari, Lotus etc) so that they can make the loew's hairpin easily
5. Changed icons for many drivers (livery.png) so that they're easily distinguishable
6. Corrected AI upshifting rev.
7. Add AUTO_CUTOFF_TIME for all teams. this means you don't have to lift off throttle when upshifting. In Bazza's 1967 mod, by default all cars have this, so I also added it for 75 cars.
8. added some AI updates for 75 cars. Monaco 66, gilles75's Zolder67 and Jarama are compatible with 1923 and 1967 cars, but nurburgring and spa are NOT compatible, so I created 2 extra layouts for them (nurburgring 67 for F1 75, and spa 66 for F1 75) choose the default layout for 1967 and 1923 cars, choose the 75 ones when playing with F1 75.

This is a mod designed for offline play.

Zip file to proper folder (for example C:\steam\steamapps\common\) and delete/rename data.acd in each car folder
(for example in folder C:\steam\steamapps\common\assettocorsa\content\cars\f1c75_brabham\) you must do this manually to all 16 folders

Latest reviews

Thanks for your great work!
a great thank you
may you please make a check for F1 1971 mod ?
I don't have that F1 1971 mod, PM me where i can find it
Thank you for creating this. Great Work.
Maybe you should stop butchering other peoples hard work without:
a) Permission of the original modder
b) any proper knowledge of the real cars and vehicle dynamics in general.

All engine curves are based on the book ' The Unique Cosworth Story' as Bazza has explained in the manual. Same goes for the Hewland FG400 gearbox ratios.

Ai as a measuring instrument for realistic laptimes is the same as using a sundail as chronometer.
How ignorant for you to talk about gearbox ratios, 75 cars have adjustable gear ratios. I just changed them to some existing ratios. also engine curves in Assetto Corsa are measured at the wheel, not at the engine output. so all engine curves you found in any book needs to be adjusted for AC anyway.

Again, as I have said in 67 mod, in every racing game, top human players always drive faster than AI and reality, (GPL, codemaster F1 series, GP4 etc) you don't have to fear for your life when you play a game.

original modder Bazza didn't complain that I created this mod. why should you?
This mod has been an absolute game changer and has now breathed new life into these wonderful cars. Thank you for making this!

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