90's Golden Drift Spot Project #4 - Otarumi Touge (大垂水峠)

90's Golden Drift Spot Project #4 - Otarumi Touge (大垂水峠) 1.3

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<90s Golden Drift Spot Project>

This project will going to reborn the legendary drift locations in Japan, acknowledging people the real deals happened in the late 80s and the early 90s, away from Initial D locations but the drifters were actually appear til nowadays.

Speaking about famous touge, it's not either Haruna or maybe Myogi. One of the most ran and famous touge, should be the OTARUMI TOUGE (大垂水峠)

Otarumi Touge- is a very old stem touge road that closest to Tokyo, which connecting Hachiouji city in Tokyo, to Sagamihara City in Kanagawa. It was built since 1888.
Because it was the most easily accessible proper touge, Otarumi had a very important role in the racing history back then.


The course was the section after passed to Kanagawa prefecture. It combined difference corners and straight, which made this touge had happened a countless grip and drift race until now.




Back then there were more than 3 rest house along the road, this also provided a perfect supplies for racers. But now there's only one left: the touge rest house FUJIYA.



Here we look some real footage back then:



Latest updates

  1. 90's Golden Drift Spot Project #4 - Otarumi Touge (大垂水峠) ver. 1.3

    Update on 1.3: - Hotfix on Custom Shader Patch v.1.30 bugs about alpha textures. - Test usage on...
  2. 90's Golden Drift Spot Project #4 - Otarumi Touge (大垂水峠) v1.1

    After a year since the release, update version 1.1 is finally here. Version 1.1 Update log: -...

Latest reviews

the track is almost perfect, but the spawn (at least for me) it not working well, so i must always start from pits, which is kinda annoying. besides that the track is nailed ;)
Works again in CSP 1.74
Excellent Drif Track. Nice variety to the corner depths and angles. Keep up the great work!
Amazing map. Please update it, no other map compares.
This was my favorite track, please if you have time PLEASE UPDATE IT. The map was short and so well done that I've sunk at least 15hrs of driving into it but one day it just stopped working. I've had a blast playing it and would love to continue
enjoyed it a lot until it suddenly stopped working for me
when i start a race in otarumi touge, it says race cancelled and only happens with this track
Otarumi stopped working...
I'm new to Assetto Corsa, so can someone explain how to get to the installation guide? I'm having the problem of white trees and grey skies.
Stopped working after new CSP updates...will there be an update anyone know anything??
hi mate , may i know what happen to your map, the trees turn blue , not green
I'm a Chinese player. I've downloaded a lot of your mods, but I feel that many mods are not complete. I don't know where to buy them. Please let me know. thank you.

Thank you very much for providing so many excellent mods for players.
It is complete, I never said I will do the entire road, but thanks.
used to work great one of my favorite tracks. but with new csp it stopped working sadly
It Doesnt work with the latest versions of csp sadly
Amazing mod, looks great at night!
Did everything right, and when I try to open it (in Assetto Corsa), it just goes back to the title screen.
that means you didn't do it right.
best touge
Beautiful track, needs more credit than it deserves. Only problem with me is that I have no idea how to work the weather but thats most likely a problem for me.

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