Alfa Romeo TZ - Le Mans Complete Skinpack (4k)

Alfa Romeo TZ - Le Mans Complete Skinpack (4k) 1.01

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Here's the 4 cars from the Le Mans 24 Hours, because its this weekend (at the time of posting) and its the best race around, so I wanted to show it some love. These are for the Alfa Romeo Giulia TZ from BrianB, which is an underrated little car that is quite fun to race. You can find it here.

Drive these little beauties on the classic Le Mans (which can be found here)

Skin Showcase_Showcase.png

1964 #40 Le Mans (DNF)
1964 #41 Le Mans (15th)
1964 #57 Le Mans (13th, class winner)
1965 #44 Le Mans (DNF)

Latest updates

  1. Slight stripe fix for the #41

    Just getting the stripe out of the right headlight

Latest reviews

Stunners, fantastic accuracy for a car that really deserves the best - thank you
Thank you for these!
It's fun making them!

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