Alfa Romeo TZ - Targa Florio 1970 Skinpack (4k)

Alfa Romeo TZ - Targa Florio 1970 Skinpack (4k) 1.0

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Here's the 3 cars from the 1970 Targa Florio. These are for the Alfa Romeo Giulia TZ from BrianB, which is an underrated little car that is quite fun to race. You can find it here.

These cars ran the Targa Florio in the S 1.6 class, so they are not quite on pace compared to the higher-class Porsche 908/03s, Ferrari 512Ss, and Alfa Romeo T33/3s that they competed with, but they are still a blast to drive around the Targa Florio (which can be found here, or find the better version on Abulzz's Patreon)

Here's a side-by-side:

The #154 De Francisci finished 24th (class winner)

The #152 Scuderia Nissena finished 27th

The #156 Scuderia Pegaso DNF'ed

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This is true dedication - all Giulia TZs that ran the Targa Florio from 1964 to 1970! Thank you very much for these beautiful skins. The execution seems spot-on to me.
Beautifully done, thnx
fantastic Job man , many thanks

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