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Barbagallo (V8 Supercars) 2.1

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Hi all.

Here the GSC version of Barbagallo.
Thanks to Rico for his nice job on the initial track.
Thanks to Denis for loading screen page and minimap
Thanks to Rafffel for the new cams.

Like Winton, all the possible stuff injected here for roads, grass (shaders, textures, feeling, etc).
Hope you will enjoy.

Latest updates

  1. Big update

    Hi guys. New version here : - new trees according to some sat maps - new gras shaders - new...
  2. 3D grass added

    Another little update for another V8 Supercars track :)

Latest reviews

i keep getting black flag at start of every race even with all rules turned off wtf is going on
is there a version for AMS? incredible work as usual.thank you patrick!!
Patrick Giranthon

No AMS :(
Very good effort. Thanks.
Best Wanneroo ever!
Looks great now and an easy track to learn and race. High kerbs compared to AC version, not sure which is more current
Nice although the tarmac is black on night driving
Patrick Giranthon
Ooops. Australian v8 dont run at night but I can fix it I suppose ^^
Another Great piece of work. Thanks amillion.
Good stuff !
Amazing quality. I am constantly in awe of some of the user created addons for this game. I have no knowledge as to the accuracy of this course with regards to its real life counterpart, but it is a beautifully crafted addition to GSCE. A big thank you from me to everyone that was involved in its construction!
Patrick Giranthon
This track , originally designed by Richo, is globally really accurate. You can try to look at some videos Perhaps ;-)
Track is great! Also, what car is that in the 2nd, 3rd and 4th screenshots? A link to the mod would be great.
Patrick Giranthon
Metalmoro. Original car. You can have It with v1.25 of the game
Track looks amazing
Good stuff Patrick. As usual, high quality

Latest News

Patrick Giranthon
File size
110.9 MB
First release
Last update
User rating
4.73 star(s) 15 ratings

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