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Barcelona - DRS version (GSC V1.50 or above) (2003 layout included) 4.02

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Hi guys.

First many thanks to the WCP team who gave me permissions to convert their track.

So what is new?

- reiza roadshaders
- new sky
- track mesh redone for a better feeling
- special effect added to the track for a better feeling too
- texture bug correction
- 2nd DRS zone added
- tire selection according to the 2014 season

EDIT (January 2016) : everything restarted from zero.
Maximum stuff to GSC standards.
2003 layout added in 3 versions.

Thanks to Denis for pictures.
Thanks to Luigi for cams.
Thanks to Gringo for his work on aiw, gdb and additionnal layout.

File to update from V4.01 to V4.02 (it is only a cam update by Luigi for 2003 layout) :

Latest updates

  1. New cams by Luigi for 2003 Layout

    Enjoy :) If you have the v4.01, you can simply add this ...
  2. Curb fix

    Sorry for the bug, fixed now :)
  3. Big big update

    Hi everyone. Big update for the track. First thanks to Denis (pictures), Luigi (cams) and...

Latest reviews

My version of GSC is 1.21 the latest versions of these circuits like Barcelona, Monza or Hockenheim not work gives me crowdbil mistake does anyone know what the problem is?
Spectacular, as usual.
Very well done. One of the best looking tracks in GSC, including those made by Reiza.
Patrick's work is always excellent and this is no exception.
Great track from a great modder, respresented in great quality! Everyone salute Patrick Giranthon!
Thanks again for this fantastic Track Patrick.
Fantastics job, many thanks !
stunning job as always!!
Now its relay a track, you can find it at original content
Superb quality, thank you!
Fantastic effort. Easily one of the best mod tracks for SCE and not far off Reiza standards.
Beautiful work guys. The bug is in the inside curbing of turn 5... Shouldn't be a big deal to correct, thx and keep it up! :-)
Big big thank you for this big update! Awesome work gives amazing result. Up to official content. Thanks to all involved!
Superb,thank you.
thank you so much for all your work!
thx for the update! great
nice track,our forum just use it for our race this week,i am a freshhand for moding,can you make a simple tutorial for how to change roadshaders, skies,reiza road feeling for gsce version,i am confuse about that
Brilliant, as ever.

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