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Bathurst - Mount Panorama (V8 Supercars) 1.03

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Latest updates

  1. AI correction by Gringo

    Sorry, little correction. Thanks to Gringo for AIW fixes and optimisation for GSC.

Latest reviews

Great job
Been having a blast driving the SuperV8 around this, Track is modeled perfectly and feels great to drive on.
Terrific conversion, glad to have found it.
Perhaps the best third-party rendition of Mount Panorama that I've ever driven. Could easily be integrated as official content - it's that good.
excellant ..fantastic..great.. just a joy to drive with aussie super cars we need skins ..fords .volvo etc..thanks to all that made this possible
Dear Patrick

Thanks you for your work. This track is simply amazing and so much fun. Just did a Club Race with the Vee's - best club race I hat for a while. Thank you :)
Excellent conversion of a very well made track. The new textures, trees, and shaders really pop and makes this track shine. 24 hour lighting that looks great, track lights come on at dusk, large pit for 50 cars... and it's Bathurst!. The AI are pretty good, but lift on the throttle a bit in one or two of the high speed esses where the elevation changes. I notice the AI in the GSC F3 will lap a wee bit faster than the real life F track record. That tells me that the F3 and the track are pretty close :) imo.
Thanks Patrick.
Another stellar submission from the Stock Car Track Master!
Thx Pat
Yet another amazing Pattrack!!
Realy good, only some textures at road more and its perfect!
You're a legend, Patrick.
Looks and feels great.
Keep up the good work.
Great track!
Excellent track. AI works great, camera's are spot on.
Great convertion. Thank you!!!!

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Patrick Giranthon
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