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Carolina Motorsports Park 2.02

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Hi everybody.

First a big thank you to Luca, alias LcR for permissions. He did a great job on the rf version and it was really difficult to update the track because of a lot of textures and road parts used.
I have not worked on the kart track, so dont put your eyes on it plz. A standard replay will not show it anyway.

This track is not really famous but I find him really interesting. All cars tested were a pleasure there.

I hope you will like it, and sorry if I have forgot something. Have tested and looked for problems but always possible to forget something.
Trees are the original ones, even if I would prefer to change it (but lack of time)

Latest updates

  1. AI optimisation, garages and cam revisited by Gringo, grass fix

    Hi! Gringo did a fantastic job on AI. Now they leave pits correctly for instance. Many thanks...
  2. Pit correction

    Now cars stay on the ground in a specific area and can be driven. Pit exit is very tricky for...

Latest reviews

You should really port this one over to AMS!
Excellent work as always.
Fun Track! Thank you for reworking the ai. :)
Thx Patrick always on TOP
Great work as always it seems Patrick! Very appreciative of the time and quality you guys put into your tracks. Making what is an already solid sim into something great.
You guys along with Reiza are the ones that define what simracing is all about for me, Thanks to a passionate community.
Thx Patrick
As always Patrick thanks for your hard work keeping GSCE amazing in the track department for us
Thank you

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Patrick Giranthon
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