Goria-Thun 0.9.1

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Location: None
FIA Grade: 2
Length: 4.7km/2.9mi
Width: 12-18m/39-59ft
Elevation change: 23m/75ft

  • 2 Layouts (Full and Club)
  • 32 grid/pit spots (26 for AI)
  • Separate road mesh
  • Dynamic racing groove
  • Working AI + hints
  • Working start lights
  • Custom track map
  • TV cameras (3 sets for Full, 2 sets for Club)
  • One DRS zone (backstraight)
  • Less trackside objects in private sessions
  • KSLAYERS (less objects at lower details settings)

CSP Features
  • Fireworks
  • GrassFX - 3D grass
  • RainFX - Rain and puddles
  • FlagsFX - Flags are affected by wind speed and direction.
  • Digital Flags - Electronic flag panels, similar to currently used in F1.
  • Night Lighting - Most corners are covered, you still need car headlights.
  • Dynamic Spectators - no crowd in private sessions, crowd size depends on number of cars on track.
  • VAO patch - Vertex Ambient Occlusion

Known Issues
  • AI grid positions 27-32 will stall on the grid, because they are too far from racing line.
  • Some lines and skid marks may flicker in TV camera view.
  • Some textures are too bright in wet conditions (don't get soaked)
  • LOD popping on some far distance objects and trees

To do
Add more detail, more layouts, improve performance.








Latest reviews

superrrrr track ...thanks a lot for creating
Honestly my favourite track on assetto corsa
An absolute blast to drive. Every corner is an adventure, presenting a new challenge whether thats in braking, line choice or throttle application. There is only one minor complaint that the elevation change between the pit exit lane and the track at turn 2 is rather extreme and will spit the car off if you hit the line on a lap. Otherwise amazing track
Fantastic track. Lots of unpredictability throughout the lap, and that's a good thing. Sector 1 is quite the adventure, particularly Turn 2, where one or two small line differences can toss you off track limits and possibly into the wall. The Esses are very technical and working on them and their entry from T12 made a huge difference in laptime. It was entertaining to learn.

Performance/frametimes seemed good - no hitching or stuttering I could tell at sunset (PURE/CSP latest version), although I'm running at 1440p 100Hz on a high-end machine. Kerbs provide lots of feedback (and eat you alive, particularly in T18-19). I agree about the road mesh with the other reviewer who mentioned it - it feels very smooth and could be a tad grainier.

AI is really, really good for AC. Car to car only produced one or two retirements in a 20 lap race. They have good, predictable braking behavior and overtaking moves. They are a tad slow through the Thun hairpin - their exit isn't bad, but their minimum speeds are a bit too low through the apex. I'd say it's worth about 3 or 4 tenths a lap. That's it for AI fixes, I'd say. It's really excellent for a mod track.

Definitely worth a donation for. Looking forward to 1.0, and thanks again.

Tested with the URD BMW M4 DTM (2018) in a 16-car DTM field, at 100% AI/95% Aggression. Lead cars (and myself) lapping in the mid 1:41's.
Has to be the best track ever made for AC.
Some "professional" moders should take note of gems like this track...
Like Tibalotte's review, I miss the road feel; feels to me like it needs a more detailed physical mesh (link for how-to is in his review). Doesn't compare to Kunos tracks' feel yet for me. Everything else is ace.
The track is super fun with those blind corners, ups and downs, and meandering section of chicanes. Also the modeling is top. Thanks a lot.
Awesome track 00! It's so fun to drive through these elevation changes and nice curves. It got rhythm ! Also, a circuit where the fantasy and realistic feelings are very well mixed, so it has it's own mood. One of my favorites along Acopone and Silver Coin !
Track is amazing. Especially the first sector in a high downforce car it is pure nirvana. I have some small issues with the pits being a bit unorthodox, but never the less this circuit is amazing and the level of detail is astonishing.

Great work and I hope to see what you will do in the future.
This track has got it all. I especially like the Esses, the best pretzels since Lilski's Riverside! Keep it up, 00!
2 hours of hard racing on this track in GT4 Clubsport. Everything is plausible, track, landscape, building. Nice flowing circuit and superb elevation changes. I love the road mesh but some parts of circuit are a bit on the soft side. Could you add a bit of grainy detail on the physical road mesh (See: https://assettocorsamods.net/threads/road-how-to-physical-and-visual-layer.996/). Thanks for this beautiful track Doublezero
One of the better fictional tracks!
As someone who downloads tracks day in day out for content purposes, This one takes the cake as the best fantasy race track i have ever came across.
I like this track. Well that's what the video made me think ,
It was right I Do.
I love it!!!!
I love this circuit - it's extremely fun to drive and it looks amazing as well. So... now "Acopone Raceway" will be my 2nd favorite circuit in Assetto Corsa...
Really enjoyable, good corner sequences, nice elevation changes. Looks professional
Simply, simply lovely

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