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Le Mas du Clos (+ Super Truck) 4.03

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Thanks to Philcout for permissions (via MrBiscotte)

GSCEx standards

August 2015 edit :



Hi all.

Many new things here.
- new graphics
- new cams (gringo)
- new AIW (gringo)
- new background (thanks to Alex)
- new loading screen (thanks to Denis)

I don't have the 3D models for some of the original objects, like cops for instance. So I let them, even if a bit outdated.

Hope you will like this track, I put a lot of energy into it ;)

Super truck version in the ST folder ingame.

Latest updates

  1. Some updates

    - new grass shaders : - new gravel/grass transitions - new AI by Gringo - new loading...
  2. All tirewalls visible + little texture update

    Very sorry to upload it again guys. A stupid mistake with name objects. I did not do a simple...
  3. Tirewalls turn 1 are back

    ;) Sorry for the new upload

Latest reviews

Nice little track. Perfect for smaller cars like Clio Cup. Thanks Patrick!
This has become one of my favorite tracks. It has a great flow and interesting, varied sections throughout. The drop at the last turn is just thrilling! Thanks for bringing it over to SCE.
Very fun little track
A great track. The road surface is very detailed and diverse. The corners, camber, and the elevation flow from apex to apex and it is awesome to hit the sweet spots and find more speed. A "track day" style circuit means the pits are small, and in race pit stops could end in tears if you run too many opponents. Patrick has really out done himself with the new road shaders, trees, textures, and the results make this track one of the very best.
A new track to me with a tricky and enjoyable layout.
Great track. Thank you for the updates. :)
THX Patrick
The French Cadwell Park, very nicely done indeed, now even more enjoyable with the GSCE sheen !!

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