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Road America (CART 1998) 1.01

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Hi all.

Here is Road america for GSCEx.

I have restarted eveything to bring you this version, wich is so good with CART extreme Mod.:cool:
I have added all the possiible stuff, and even the feeling of the road patches I have added to respect 1998 configuration ^^

You can use this track with other cars obviously.
Thanks to Denis for the picture. AI seems good here.

Track appears in CART folder ingame.

Latest updates

  1. Pit bug fix

    One wrong line and everything goes wrong ^^ Pit bug fixed

Latest reviews

So Good
Quality stuff!
THX Patrick, a very good track for CART.
You are incredible Patrick, keep up the amazing work that you do! Can't thank you enough for these wonderful tracks and cars.
Great job as usual Patrick!
Top track. Tks mister .

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Patrick Giranthon
File size
143.8 MB
First release
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5.00 star(s) 9 ratings

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