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Road Atlanta 2.0

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Hi guys.

So, new version of Road Atlanta including something really missing in all external tracks : reiza road feeling.
This version includes all the previous things (roadshaders, skies, etc).
I am really happy to propose this to you. Sliding cars like vee or 911 are really modified by the "flying carpet" effect of non-reiza track. Now it is corrected.

Thanks to Alex Sawczuk for usefull tips about 3DSmax.

Enjoy! :)
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Latest reviews

nice track,our forum just use it for our race this week,i am a freshhand for moding,can you make a simple tutorial for how to change roadshaders, skies,reiza road feeling for gsce version,i am confuse about that
Patrick Giranthon
There is a tutorial for sky. Just look into the modding section.
For road feeling I think It is better not to spread a tutorial about it ;-)
brilliant work!!
One of my favorites now even better. Thanks again Patrick.
A definite improvement to an already brilliant track.
Great Track! Thank you

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