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Spa Francorchamps - DRS version (GSC V1.50 or above) 4.02

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First, thanks to WCP for permissions.

October 2015 EDIT :






Hi everyone.

I am very pleased to propose you this big update of Spa.
I wil not list all the stuff done here, I nearly restarted from zero everything.
But I think I will remember for a long time the 7560 trees carefully added here :roflmao:
You will probably find some details not matching the real track but I did a lot of work to try to.

Thanks to Luigi for the cameras
Thanks to Gringo for his big work on AI
Thanks to Denis for pictures

You can use the DRS with the V1.50 or above. Syntax is new.

I really hope GSC community will run thousands of kms on this track :)

Please delete the previous version.
You will find a fall version :)

And a little video Thanks to Jorge :

Latest updates

  1. DRS correction

    little syntax error fixed
  2. Big big update

    Hi everyone. I am very pleased to propose you this big update of Spa. I wil not list all the...

Latest reviews

Many thanks. :)
just excellent !
High quality workmanship to this track conversion refines the overall look and feel to GSCx standards. The track layout has a few minor inaccuracies that are soon forgiven. The road surface offers a good FFB experience and the package as a whole is immersive and fun. Without doubt this track is a must have.
Easily the best version of Spa that isn't laser scanned. Patrick really outdid himself with this one. Absolutely amazing track!
Amazing work...
Fantastic ! Hats off to Patrick and the original creators of the track !
7560 trees, what the f... Great work ! Thx.
Top notch!! beautiful work Patrick!
Agree with all the other guys, 5/5. I just can't see how it can get any better then this.
5 stars is the only possible rating for quality like this.
Patrick Giranthon
Thanks to all of you guys. A real pleasure to read your reviews after all this work :-)
keep doing what ya doing d00d
Like original content!
Thank you very much,great detail.
Glad Spa didnt win the track vote, no need with this release
Amazing! Wish you had released this before the Reiza track voting, since this is definately of their quality, just like most of your tracks are. Amazing job Patrick, we all appreciate it!
great track but no light reflection on tarmac :(
Patrick Giranthon
Yes, will be corrected. Finishing Istanbul first, a lot of unexpected problems
Nice one Patrick. Needed this.
Very cool! Thanks for the great work Patrick

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