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Thruxton (BTCC) 2.2

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Hi All.

Here is the first track of a track pack I will release asap.

Road redone (with special grip effect added), texture redone, wrong fresnel effet corrected compared to the previous one, lod correction.
Well, a nice track usually used for btcc but can be used for other cars too!
Optimised for the 911, so would be ok for all GSC cars.
Really technical track.

Track will be find in BTCC entry ingame.
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Latest updates

  1. Grip feeling optimisation

    Let's race!
  2. Grip update

    Sorry, uploaded Snetterton :roflmao: Corrected
  3. Grip update

    Better realism now ;-) Enjoy!

Latest reviews

Thank you. Quite challenging! :)
I have raced here in real life and can confirm this is a pretty accurate rendition. The track isn't actually all that 'technical' really, apart from the two chicane complexes, most of the circuit is full throttle. But it is a blast to drive.
I wouldn't recommend doing a 360 degree spin at Church Corner, which I somehow managed in the real world, no doubt caused by running out of talent rather than grip.
Thanks Patrick for another fine upgrade.

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