Anadara Circuit

Anadara Circuit 0.9.2

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Location: No
FIA Grade: 1
Length: 5.33km/3.31mi
Width: 12-14m/39-46ft
Elevation change: 19.2m/63ft

  • 3 Layouts (GP, International, National)
  • 30 grid/pit spots
  • Separate road mesh
  • Dynamic racing groove
  • Working AI + hints
  • Working start lights
  • Custom track map
  • Three DRS zones (GP layout only)
  • TV cameras - 6 sets for GP layout (including moving cameras), 2 sets for other two layouts.
  • Less trackside objects in private sessions
  • KSLAYERS (less objects at lower details settings)

CSP Features:
  • Fireworks and Night Lighting (fully lit track, no headlights required)
  • Functional large video screens
  • GrassFX - 3D grass
  • RainFX - Wet track
  • FlagsFX - Flags are affected by wind speed and direction.
  • ExtraFX - Light bounce, long speculars and volumetric lights.
  • Digital Flags - Electronic flag panels, similar to currently used in F1.
  • VAO - Vertex Ambient Occlusion

Optional Features:
  • F1 2021 and WEC 2021 advertisings track skins
  • If you want floodlights to be always on, there is an alternative config file in extensions folder.
  • Digital flags constant flashing green lights can be turned off the same way.
  • Alternative road shader file available in track folder (can cause flickering and doesn't work in the rain)
  • Alternative AI files available in ai folder.

  • If you use CSP dynamic spectators or have spectators hidden, some vegetation like small bushes will also be hidden.
  • If you run wide at turn 1, drive around the 2nd bollard. If you cut across a yellow sausage curb, you get a slow down penalty.

To do:
Add more trackside objects and more layouts.


Latest updates

  1. 0.9.2 small fix

    Fixed some cars shared the same grid slot.

Latest reviews

Liked the feature full track, well polished..
you are amazing at what you do such a passionate community. incredible work
Excellent track! All of them are. Them being fictional provides the ability to create tracks that don't fall into the pitfalls of modern IRL tracks, but look every bit as real. Just wish there was a GP with Chicane Layout.
this is so special track, so awesome, incredible build! thanks!
Absolutely brilliant circuit. I'm doing an upcoming 8h race on this track and fast prototypes like the Porsche 919 or the Revenga used in the video take this circuit really well. Only problem is that turn 7 is a bit too dark on night runs.
Top Track ! Thanks for sharing
Excellent work! the flow of the turns feels great. the middle sector. And i love the decorations, the asphalt paint and the colorfull wall in the middle sector.
Amazing work, really good at night!!!
excellent track. 1 question, the billboards that say "pls no punterino" is that taken from jimmy broadbent of youtube?. im intrigued. thanks for making this
Absolutely stunning map - visuals are beautiful and driving an f1 car around here is a dream.
fantastic work!
doublezero? Nah... You´re trying to fool us, your real name is Hermann Tilke...
The modeling is exquisite and the flow of the track is excellent with those fast banked corners. Wonderful.
Best fanmade tracks, driving is fun and fast. I wish this track was real because visually it is pleasing and that made me love it instantly. I also hope to see more tracks like this one.
I love it! Did some 200km in the first night with a 2007 F1 car at night time. Track is a simple 10 out of 10.

Only one thing I noticed: the first part of turn 7 is a bit to dark in my opinion with no headlights.
Track is amazing. Flow is fantastic. Your Tracks are some of the best I've ever driven.
I absolutely love this! Feels like a real track and those last turns are so much fun!!
Absolutely incredible track that suits many different types of racing. Perfect for RSS Formula Hybrids and Supremes
1 request I would have to be adding a full GP layout with the chicane as I don't see F1 cars running the full banking
Otherwise fantastic track
I play AC since the very beginning... I download most of the "top rated" downloadable content. My tracks folder is 60GBs at the moment. But - if you forced me to pick 1... just 1 track which I could play until the rest of my life, I would pick this one. :)
Absolutely fantastic. I love the layout, love all the turns. I love how "equal" this track to the tyres wear..., the full-throttle from T16 is just an extasy...
I think Tilke should finally get retired and YOU should take his place. :)
This track is a very strong argument for those who say "The virtual life is better than the real life".
I would give 6 stars if it was possible.
Congratulations mister, VERY WELL DONE!
I tried the shortest track, very fun with touring cars

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