Seattle Circuit

Seattle Circuit Version 1.0 Release

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Latest updates

  1. A slight description change - don't download if you already have this installed

    Useless update to change the track description. Don't bother downloading if you already have...
  2. Full Release, 3 track variations + AI and Replay Cams.

    Three track variations, smoothed jumps, larger kerbs, a reverse layout and wet weather...

Latest reviews

Great track, only problem is that its borderline unplayable, I have a decent PC, graphics set to medium, but still only getting about 20-30 fps with frequent drops to >10 fps, compared to other tracks where I get upwards of 60 fps with no lag spikes.
Really like the track, but the reverse variant crashes the game.
thank you for your hard work and time put in too this.
The track itself is great, however the performance is either unplayable or perfect. I'm pretty sure people on actually decent computers won't encounter this problem, however it really is important (at least to me). Here is an example video:
This track is a must-have for me when I eventually have to do a reinstallation of AC, and should be if you ever enjoyed the early Gran Turismo series.
The track is absolutely awesome, with CSP und SOL, this make alot of fun!!
My all time favourite orginal GT track! Sure there's some polishing left to be done but this is already awesome! Great work, Tyrone, I.m lokking forward to future updates! Now it's time for some Seattle action, warning, storng nostalgic GT4 vibes inside:
Excellent, I remember when played in the gran turismo
nice track with nice textures
A great track that is faithful to GT without being bad for AC. fun elevation changes and a few technical corners. Great job.

It gets even better with MJay's retexture (I don't know the guy but that retexture is real good)
nice thx
just legendary this track!! ...i have done a retexture:
Gran Muchas Gracias =)
This is a great track, hi flowing. fast, and grippy. I would have like to see some more detail in the pit's such as Crew boards or maybe a fuel booms, plus the pit AI still needs work. It runs fine on my computer with 28 car field, i think some people need hardware upgrades.
I was waiting for it since a long time, thanks. Please more of GT tracks. Much love!!!!!!!!!
Very nice! Thanks!
Thank You so much for a lot of memories from childhood, i was plaing GT4 every day, thanks.
It's like a mini San Francisco! Very fun track!

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