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I am happy to announce the launch of the new, exciting, Silver City 66 Circuit for Assetto Corsa. I have poured countless hours into creating this track, and I couldn't be prouder to share it with you all.


For those of you who have been following the development of Silver City 66 since the beginning this public release remains largely the same as the previous work in progress release, however I have made some tweaks to the night light settings and made some shader adjustments for even nicer graphics.
And for those of you who are new to Silver City 66, welcome to the party! This track was chosen by my Patreon subscribers in a poll out of three different early versions of fictional circuits. The winner of this poll was then taken to completion and has become a fully-fledged finished racetrack.


One of my supporters came up with the brilliant idea to make this track a historic circuit as the flow and characteristics that suit that sort of vibe. After just finishing my Sebring '66 circuit, I decided to set this track in 1966 as well so I could reuse some of the assets and go all out on the theming. Say goodbye to safety barriers and hello to fence posts and hay bales! The Silver City 66 track is set in the 'Boston Hill Open Space' area of Silver City, New Mexico.

With its many banked corners and large elevation changes, I assure you that this track is going to give you a run for your money.

The Silver City 66 track includes:
Full night lighting capability
grassFX config based on Mike08’s work
'Assetto Corsa Airforce 1.0' by BJ911
logos by Fanapryde
So what are you waiting for? Get ready to buckle up, hit the accelerator and have a blast racing on Silver City 66!




Latest reviews

Great fun, but one small bug is I can drive through the blocks on the left hand side at the start of the race.
Fantastic track, worthy of being a Gran Turismo track imho . Well done and thankyou very much.
What a beautiful track, and a joy to drive.
Like the banked curves and the 60s vibe.
Only thing to mention: The trackmap seems to behave very strange.
I really love the aesthetic of this wonderful circuit. The layout reminds of fabled Charade with it's elevation changes and snaky corners followed by fast straight-ish sections. Silver City is a joy to drive and see. Excellent work! Thank you for sharing!
Love this track! Thanks for your work T.
Really amazing, thanks a lot for this! So great to have tracks like this available with a great flow and a superb layout.
This is awesome, what a great track. Thanks for all the time you put into this and for releasing it public. Was running JPG's 911 America on here and this track will really teach you the importance of weight transfer haha
A jewel. The type of track reminding me Grand Prix of John Frankenheimer (dated 1966 too)
Top tier work in all aspects.
Really spectacular. The detail is just great. Thanks!
Great track Tyrone. It reflects the work you have put in it. Little surprised to see the map going wild. Not like you.
Tyrone - Nukedrop Mods
Tyrone - Nukedrop Mods
Oh, I haven't noticed this issue as I rarely race with a map myself. I'll take a look and see if I can find out what's going on. Thanks for flagging this!
Absolutely fabulous! What a nice track!
Absolutely Stunning
Turismo Quality. Absolute best looking 2nd half of a track on the whole website.
Tyrone - Nukedrop Mods
Tyrone - Nukedrop Mods
Best looking 2nd half I'll take that, thanks!!
Top top top! Thanks a lot for everything you're doing for this game!
Arguably one of the best track mods for this game. Looks incredible, feels gorgeous to drive. A must-have!

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