Toronto Indycar Exhibition Place

Toronto Indycar Exhibition Place 2023

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Indy Toronto
  • Full night lighting
  • Weather FX compatibility
  • 30 pit boxes


if the track doesn't load you will need
please try this before commenting

30 pit boxes, as it's a little cramped for any more than that.












Tyrone :D

Latest updates

  1. 2023, improvements and fixes

    Fairly substantial list of changes, a few of which I have been sitting on for a while, but had...
  2. 2022 - Brake Markers, Reply Cams, Graphics +++

    Hi All, After the recent bout of people complaining about the lack of brake marker boards and...
  3. 2022 - 30 AI + Fixed Pitlane Issues + More

    Just a quick update to: Fix the pitlane issue where the car wouldn't pit if you were starting...

Latest reviews

Great rendition of the circuit. If I had one thought, it's probably about allowing the use of the runoff in Turn 1 like real life.
Hey man, just wanted to comment on your work. Thanks for the updated track. I love it, and it slowly is getting better and better. Great job, and I appreciate people such as yourself. Thanks man.
loving it!!!! thx
The five stars go for the effort of this evolution. But unfortunately they have removed the graphic from the concrete walls, which now have the drains and the possibility to place real images on the trackskin. Also, in principle, you can not give color to the Tyrewalls.
I will continue using the previous version.
Tyrone - Nukedrop Mods
Tyrone - Nukedrop Mods
Hi Daniel,

Let's take this into the discussion thread so we can get to the bottom of your issues.

Do you mean we cant change the colour of the tyre walls via a skin? If so you can still do this by editing the texture that is used for them in the 'extension' folder.

And, sorry but I'm not sure what you mean about the drains on the concrete walls.
Thank you so much for the update!!
My man! I came here exactly for that, and saw the most beautiful notification of the last days. Excellent work!!!
Overall the track is really good. The environment is fantastic, walls and signs also look amazing.
Would give 5 stars if it was not for the very strange looking groove on the surface (appearing and disappearing in a kind of strange way). I prefer the old version on this part
"... Overall, I’d say performance is about the same, the 3D trees do slow things down a bit, but optimising the lights, removing the millions of 2D tyre marbles that relied on alpha transparency to work, better groove line methods etc should balance it out...."

A big YES! At last a track that don't suffer the "3D Trees Nightmare of Exasperating Fps Drop"! Your great optimization not only make don´t lose fps, in my case I even gained a couple more...

Thank, Master.
Love this track! Thank you for all your hard work and the new improvements make it so much better!
Great track! Really enjoying running the Porsche Cup cars on it.
The main issues raised in my earlier review have been fixed with the last update.

My only real main issues are small nitpicks and do not affect the track majorly, and some might not even be noticed by most players.

1. The curbs on the inside of turns 1,5, & 8 feel a little small.
2. The brake marker bords appear to be in meters where I believe IRL they are in yards
3. The wall at the pit lane entrance appears to me to be a little farther along the track than IRL
4, It would be nice to have the escape road at T1 that goes under the Princes' Gates into T2, and a little extra room on the left run-off area of T3 would be appreciated.

I appreciate the updates that have been made already and I am looking forward to future ones!
Excellent track that replicated today's Indycar race in Toronto. Thanks for sharing your magnificent work!
Great track, can i ask thiugh, on your patreon it says "sold out" for the £1 join up fee, how can you sell out of something that isn't an actual 'thing', its not something you have in stock is it?
You could easily still offer that, so just be honest.
Tyrone - Nukedrop Mods
Tyrone - Nukedrop Mods
It's a limitation of Patreon - Can't remove a tier without affecting every current subscriber to it. So it has to stay as an option despite no longer being available to new subscribers after the price rise. There's nothing dishonest about it.

Patreon reccomends deleting the tier, but that would kick out over 800 people.

Not sure that reviews of a track are the best place to discuss this, but whatever - there's the explanation.
great track love it
Excellent! Exceptional version of Toronto, which I think has been long awaiting for a great version to come along.
Yeah man, this is great. Great detail and flow.
Night lighting is perfect.
Deserves nothing less than 5 stars in my opinion.
omg!!!!! love this track!!!! especially because i live in toronto!
Well done, glad bumps are gone! Thank you!
A great track thanks for the update also the extreme bumps are gone the only thing I have the grass in the background is gray / white for me but may be the CSP
Thanks mate, it's getting there! Can you believe I downloaded and played the old version just under 10 minutes before you updated it lol

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