Silver Coin Circuit

Silver Coin Circuit 0.8.1

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Location: None
FIA Grade: 4
Length: 2.1km/1.3mi
Width: 15m/49ft
Elevation change: 21m/69ft

  • CSP support (GrassFX, RainFX, Night lighting, VAO)
  • 24 grid/pit spots
  • Separate road mesh
  • Dynamic racing groove
  • Working AI + hints
  • Working start lights
  • Custom track map
  • TV cameras (2 sets)
  • DRS is disabled
  • KSLAYERS (less objects at lower details settings)

To do:
  • Some textures/shaders could be improved
  • Reverb areas (not sure if needed)
  • Add more pitlane and trackside detail (pitwall crew and props, tents, flags etc.)
  • I might do an extended layout in the future.








Latest reviews

Been looking for a good short track and this is a gem. Thanks very much!
Fun little track
Superb, tight little circuit -- a must-have!
Not only main circuit and enviroment looks and feels amazing, but I also love how much work you put into the "old circuit", which we theoretically weren't supposed to see
A bold track with a great flow which promises some nice battles, love it!
Second review... Just to say, the more I drive this track, the more I love it!
Nice work. Thanks for keeping AC alive.
Excellent, deffo one of my favourite tracks!!!
Alongside your recent Acopone, a brilliant start on a career as a track designer.

Three things.

1. Unless you want to avoid being dubbed 'the new Hermann Tilke' don't ever use a protractor or a ruler or even a French curve to lay out a track. Nobody likes a constant-radius turn. I hate invaginated tracks that take maximum advantage of minimum real estate to squeeze as many 180-degree turns as possible out of the available land. Notice all the world's great tracks have brief-but-deadly highspeed turns (we're talking here about Eau Rouge and its ilk). Why do you think they're called 'natural terrain' road courses?

2. A survey of amateur racers revealed that they like increasing-radius turns more than decreasing-radius turns, uphill turns more than downhill turns, turns that go down and then up more then blind-crest turns (i.e., up-and-over...particularly if there's an unseen turn on the far side) and clockwise layouts more than counter-clockwise circuits. Bear in mind that these are amateur racers, not the consummate pros that we sim racers all think we are.

3. Leave some room for passing. If I had to find one thing to complain about WRT Silver Coin (which I can't), that might be it.

As with your Acopone track, great layout, smart use of elevation and good flow. Your circuits feel very organic, thought out and not just a bunch of corners thrown together.
Nice little club type circuit for the slightly slower cars but that last corner is great fun in a car with a bit of grunt keeping the back end in check.
If you ever did do the extended layout it would be nice to have a section where the quicker cars could stretch their legs a bit.

Keep them coming!
Love it! I think this might be my new favorite track! Really like the way it flows. Thank you so much for this! :)
Short but cool, thanks!
Really enjoyable layout, love the 2nd, 7th and 9th corners combined with the elevation change, excellent work, thanks a lot. (really enjoyed it with stereo's new 912)
Awesome little track. Liked the Easter egg (literally) at the end of the tunnel off track. Found it while exploring in a go-kart.
Very nicely done and cool one. Fun to slide around, love it
Incredibly done! Love driving in an MX5
Really fun racing for the Formula Fords. Thank you!
Amazing layout and execution. I just tried it for a few laps and it's already one of my favourite tracks. I love shorter, technical tracks. Corners have character and the flow is superb. Elevation changes are really well though out. The last corner is a blast without TC. The only suggestion I could make would be to scuff it up a little. Rumble strips are too clean as is the grass/ground. Otherwise the environment is really credible and it feels like a real location. 5 stars.
Respect for this great work. Looks good.

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